Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam

Some of the topics of The Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam  (JSPT):

Socio-political Philosophy, Socio-political Fiqh, Socio-political Sociology, Islamic Jurisprudence in Politics, Scientific Production of Islamic Socio-political Studies, Methodologies of Islamic Socio-political Studies, Political Ideas in the Quran and Traditions, Shiite and Sunni Islamic Jurisprudence in Politics, Political Studies of Islam in the West, Democracy in the Political System of Islam, Legitimacy Power in the Political System of Islam, Women in the Islamic Political System, Political Geography of Islam, Political Culture in the Islamic System, Government in the Islamic System, Islamic Political Movements, Sovereignty and Political Participation in the Islamic System, Identity, Ethnicity, and Emmett in the Muslim World, Intellectual Forces and Political Ideology in the Islamic World, Political Thoughts of Leaders and Elites in the Islamic World, Recent Research and Review of the Field of Socio-political Studies of Islam, Criticism of the Latest Political Events in the Muslim World, Terrorism and Extremist Groups in the Muslim World, Religious Sects, Ethnic Minorities, and Social Classes in the Political System of Islam, Islamic Revolution of Iran, Political System of Islam and Developments in the Middle East, Political Literature of the Muslim World, Political Crisis of Islamic Countries, Political Relations of Islamic Countries, Political Life of the Muslim World, Addressing Islamophobia, Foreign Policies of the Muslim World, Political Ideas of Khomeini's Imam, Revolutions and Movements in the Muslim World.


Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 - Serial Number 6, May 2022 

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