Guide for Authors

* Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam free to accept or reject scientific and literary articles.

Articles submitted to Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam should not have been previously presented or published elsewhere, or sent to other publications for publication at the same time.

Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam apologizes for receiving a new article from authors who have another article in the review process and has not yet been published.

Master's and doctoral students must submit an article with a faculty member with a minimum assistant Professor rank.


Indicators of articles extracted from other works

If the article is taken from:

Thesis (full title, Supervisor, University)

Research project (full title of the project, implementation date, project partners, relevant organization)

Oral presentation at the conference and congress (full title of the conference or congress, date, relevant organization)

The author must provide detailed information on the related work. Otherwise, at any stage when the publication realizes that the author is not informed, it will act in accordance with the regulations.

The process of submitting an article to a journal

Authors should only submit articles through the article submission section of the journal.

Articles submitted via email or print will not be processed

To submit an article, the responsible author must first register in the publication system in the "Submit Article" section.

Authors should follow all stages of the article evaluation only through their personal page in the journal system

Template and subject of accepted papers

* Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam only accepts articles that are the result of the author's research achievements and contain new findings.

*The journal is exempt from accepting mere review articles, compiling and reporting, translation.

Files that must be loaded into the system at the time of registration

Original file of the article (without authors' details)

Commitment file (signed by all authors)

Article size

Number of articles: between 6000 -7000 words

Number of keywords: 5 to 10 keywords

Number of Abstract words: 300 to 400 words (Abstract should include the main purpose, problem or research question, methodology and important research results)

How to enter the personal details of the authors

The responsible author must be clear in works that have more than one author. The phrase (responsible author) should be written in front of the author's name

The sender of the article is considered the responsible author and All subsequent correspondence and notifications are made with her.

Organizational dependence of authors should be in accordance with one of the following patterns:

Faculty Members

Scientific rank (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor), Department, University, City, Country, Email


Student (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) degree, university, city, country, e-mail

Free individuals and researchers

Degree (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate) Field of study, service organization, city, country, e-mail


Level (2, 3, 4), field of study, seminary / seminary, city, country, e-mail.


Structure of Articles
Title page
Name of authors
*The full names of all participants of paper must be mentioned according to the idea of all authors.
Materials & Methods
 Acknowledgment (if needed)
*All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be covered in the acknowledgment section. It should include persons who have provided technical help, writing assistance and head of the department that has provided general support. Financial and material support should also be acknowledged.


Journal citation template: APA