Peer Review Process

Judging articles in the Journal of the Socio-Political Thought of Islam is by double blind peer review (identity of the author of the article and the referee is not known to both parties).

Steps to evaluate articles

  • Introduction The article will not be in the review process through the publication system (articles which are transmitted by e - mail or methods except to the SMS)
  • The preliminary assessment of the paper according to the main indices of publication (subject, authors, structure structure,
  • The review of the article in terms of scientific theft (should be noted only is the articles which are eligible in Step 2, otherwise the article will be turned or referred to the author for modification
  • Submitting the article to at least 2 experts reviewing the subject matter of the article
  • Announcing the result of judging to the author (non-acceptance / need to review)
  • Pursue review of articles by authors
  • Send the revised article to the comparative referee (acceptance / non-acceptance)
  • Announcement of the result of comparative arbitration to the author (acceptance / non-acceptance)
  • Send a letter of acceptance to the author
  • Put the article in the accepted articles section for publication
  • Determining the number in which the article will be published (with the opinion of the editorial board)
  • Send the article to the editor
  • Send the edited article to the author for clarification and final approval before publication
  • Send the final file approved by the author to the layout
  • Publish an article in the journal system
  • Sending an email informing the publication of the article to the authors of the articles of each issue and other audiences
  • Submitting articles to national and international databases and indexes.