Cross-Religious Literature

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Assistant professor of English and Linguistics University of Qom Qom, Iran


Cross-religious literature concerns the type of literature  whose narratives and percepts are derived from and  concern religious themes, all taken from religiously  confident sources. Dealing with the accounts of pre 
Islamic peoples and prophets, this type of literature  encompasses both Islamic and pre-Islamic accounts  and incidents. As they contain significant notions and  the types of human experience whose lessons and  wisdom can prove significant for almost everybody,  they qualify as world classics. Derived mainly from the  Quran, and as the Quran is the intact Divine Word,  the Quranic versions of the accounts and parables  can be regarded as the very urtexts and the most  reliable versions. As such, they can benefit researchers  and inquirers who are followers of other, mainly  Abrahamic, religions.  


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